Circle Shaped Surat Ar-Rum Ayat 21:30 Islamic Calligraphy

By iDesignix
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This beautiful circle shaped Islamic calligraphy artwork features the Quranic verse Surat Ar-Rum Ayat 21:30, which reads "And He put between you love and compassion." The verse is written in a traditional Arabic calligraphy style, and the circle shape is a symbol of unity and wholeness.

This artwork would make a perfect gift for a Muslim friend or family member, or for anyone who appreciates Islamic art. It can be used as wall art, or it can be framed as a beautiful piece of home décor.


  • Circle shaped Islamic calligraphy artwork
  • Quranic verse Surat Ar-Rum Ayat 21:30
  • Traditional Arabic calligraphy style
  • Symbol of unity and wholeness
  • Perfect gift for Muslim friends or family members
  • Can be used as wall art or framed


  • Brings beauty and peace into your home
  • Inspires love and compassion
  • Promotes unity and wholeness
  • Makes a thoughtful gift for Muslim friends or family members

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